Bluetooth Microcontroller to Google Cardboard

The development of this prototype spanned over the course of several weeks.

The goal was to make a Virtual Reality game that connects to a custom made physical controller.

Step 1 – Connection between Arduino & Unity Android app

This was pretty straightforward, using a Bluetooth chip, I was able to connect my Android phone to the Arduino board. The simple input was a potentiometer.


Step 2 – Build a custom controller prototype

For this next step I wanted to create a more durable, portable prototype that could be carried around and had two buttons to press.

Step 3 – Ideate core mechanics of gameplay

Next, I wanted to find the core loop of the game.

You can control the time of day in a prehistoric environment with a physical interface (potentiometer). When you make it daytime the population (cavemen) will start gathering wood. When it’s night, they will retreat to their cave and burn wood to stay warm, as well as reproduce. The goal of the experience is to balance resource gathering and risking being eaten by tigers (if they chop wood for too long).