I create interactive media experiences.

I am a designer with experience across a multitude of platforms. I apply a playful and lighthearted approach to design problems and explore new paths, beyond the beaten path. I am based in Vienna, Austria.

What are my qualifications?

I have completed university programs in Digital Arts from the University of Applied Arts Vienna as well as the University Of Southern California’s Interactive Media & Games program. Beyond my formal education, my career has spanned multiple roles—from game development/design to software engineering and freelance web development. seen here.

What’s up with the bird?

I like the metaphor of me as a bird with feathers in several different colors. There are so many different categories when it comes to media and the crosspollination of these fields is very important. I explore the convergences of media to create interesting things.

Things I do

I build websites & apps

I build websites using WordPress and a from-scratch approach. This gives you full creative control over the page without having to adhere to restrictions of template-themes. This way, the page still benefits from the wide selection of plugins that come with WordPress, like galleries, contact forms, video players, SEO without the bulkiness of a pre-made template. If wanted, I can use existing CSS frameworks like Bulma, Bootstrap, Materialize or others.
I create web apps connecting to API’s of your choice, for example an app that talks to your web store database, an app that connects to your booking system or even an entire system that keeps track of teams playing a game and their highscores.

Here are examples of companies I have worked with:

Websites / Apps for businesses:

Webshops using Woocommerce:

#JavaScript #HTML #NodeJS #Express #php #Wordpress

I fabricate prototypes

I craft physical prototypes and products, blending 3D printing, digital fabrication methods, and electronics like microcontrollers and Raspberry Pis. From concept to creation, I offer comprehensive development advice and integration of computer hardware and software. Collaborate with me to transform your ideas into tangible, innovative prototypes

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I build interactive experiences

I am an experienced game designer/developer. My specialities include building 3D games (Third & First Person, Virtual & Augmented Reality) using reliable code, strong visuals and good game feel. I have shipped games for PC/Mac, Playstation 4 and Xbox One:

Shipped games:
Walden, A Game
Ruben’s Puppets
A Leap Forward

#Unity3D #C++/C# #VR #3DsMax