Fulldome Concept

This project stands as my result at the end of this semester, where I worked on implementing a natural user interface (Kinect) in an immersive space (Fulldome). The goal of this installation is to present a perspective that focuses on the perceptual experience inside a Fulldome. The user can control the protagonist  with his/her body; its movements are registered and sent to the computer. The user is able to move forward, backwards and sideways a digital protagonist, who copies his/her movements.


You can collect objects that distort the image permanently. Once you collected a specified amount of them you can plant trees or houses at a spot of your choice. When the next user enters the installation and the environment is reset, the trees of the previous users are still standing. Also the amount of coins collected in total can be seen by a huge counter in-game. Therefore a permanent artifact is created, co-designed by every user. The idea of a two-way effect is essential in the concept of interaction – in this case it is possible – once a tree is planted it will generate collectables that can be used to temporarily apply real-time visual effects. The direct representation of hands on the screen gives a haptic sense and a direct feel to it. The composition of the environment, the visual, audible and temporal characteristics (abstract, reduced) represent an  aesthetic intrinsic to the artist.