[A]I Maze

AI systems (Artificial Intelligent System – i.e. computer programs with artificial intelligence) free us from choice. Both from the “agony of choice” between contents and from democratic political choice. How do we deal with such systems? How do we stop being benevolently liberated?

We enter a spatialized labyrinth. We know a mirror cabinet from the Prater in Vienna since childhood. Today we know Face Recognition from everyday life, when opening the smartphone and the banking app. When we apply for a loan, our creditworthiness is checked by AI Statemachines.

Neuromatic Game Art – 2023

In this project I was responsible for the development of a web-technology based face recognition system, that interfaces between 7 Linux based computers as well as 2 Raspberry Pi Pico based sensors. Technologies used were Javascript (Node.js, Faceapi.js) and Python (Raspberry).