A Walk At Dusk

Objective: The typical museum visitor looks at a single work of art for less than 30 seconds. Utilizing a specific work of art on display at the Getty Center, create a playful experience that helps the player discover something interesting about the art that s/he might have missed in a 30-second look. 48 Hours to create the experience.

Made at the #GettyJam, 27-28. February 2016

Work of Art in focus:

“A Walk at Dusk” – 1835

Caspar David Friedrich

(Germany, 1774 – 1840)

This painting is about divinity of nature and meditation of mortality. References to german philosopher Schelling (Eternal cycle of life & death in nature)

Our approach

Interpret the meaning and intention of an artwork – Recreate a version of the environment – Convey the meaning through game-mechanics

Mobile Experience, that can be used by everyone in the museum on their Android devices.