Realtime Strategy meet first person

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A Leap Forward is a Realtime Strategy game that you play from a First Person perspective. You give tasks, such as “collect wood” to your exceptionally smart rabbits and they figure out the most efficient way to fulfill it. As a player you can help out directly, or provide them with tools and buildings that increase productivity.

Exceptionally smart rabbits

As an example, rabbits start by collecting branches from the ground, but by giving them an axe, they will chop down nearby trees instead. By building a sawmill, and providing them with axes, they will automatically chop trees down and refine them at the sawmill, which improves productivity even more.

Very hungry foxes...

While you manage your village, hostile foxes will attempt to capture and destroy it and eat the population. You are on the ground with your troops and can interact with them directly or through bulk orders. The goal is to survive several enemy waves and amass as much gold as possible, that can be used to purchase new building blueprints, tools or weapons.

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